About Us

S M Lifescience is a global purpose-led, science-based company specializing in Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living. Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all. Our product range includes nutraceutical sachets, nutraceutical protein formulation, nutraceutical tablets and various other products. We achieve it by using all the scientific and innovation power at our disposal to tackle some of the world´s greatest challenges - creating value for customers, shareholders, our people, and society-at-large

We work together with our customers to create a healthier world through products including carotenoids, digestive enzymes, nutritional lipids, nutraceuticals, probiotic and prebiotics and vitamins - as well as customized solutions (coloration solutions, market-ready solutions, premix solutions, shelf-life solutions and personalized nutrition solutions). We help our customers bring their offerings to market faster, more efficiently, and with enduring success; including expert services that help our customers co-innovate at every stage of development and ultimately contribute to a healthier world.

From nutritional lipids, to core vitamins and carotenoids to nutraceuticals and custom nutrient premixes, we´re keeping the growing population healthy through a depth and breadth of capabilities and expertise that are unrivalled in our industry.


We dedicate ourselves to humanity's desire for longer, better, and happier lives.


Our vision is to be a key global pharma company with increasing focus on ethics, innovative research to produce uniformly high Quality & Innovative Solutions in medicine that are accessible in highest standards of Quality that is uniform for both Domestic and International markets.


We promote success by encouraging collaboration, engagement, and trust between individuals and other healthcare organisations in a shared and mutually respectful environment.

Our Team

  • Rajesh Singh

    Rajesh Singh

    (M. PHARMA) (QA Officer)

    experience of 8 years in Quality control and Quality Assurance

  • Priyanka Singh

    Priyanka Singh


    experience of 11 years in Marketing and Research

  • OM Kumar Singh

    OM Kumar Singh

    (B.PHARMA) (MD)

    experience of 11 years in Marketing and Research.

  • Arachana Singh

    Arachana Singh